About Us

East Wheeling Clayworks is a working ceramic studio that includes wholesale and retail sales as well as community outreach through classes, public and private events, andworkshops. We truly believe in the power and benefit of art in our world, and strive to provide an outlet for people to create and learn, even if pottery might not be their thing.

We offer a variety of outlets for the budding and seasoned Wheeling artist to enjoy. We strive to give artists of all kinds a community in Wheeling. We have some exciting workshops coming soon and hope to continue expanding into other art forms while staying true to our ceramic roots.



Adam is the Clayworks’ primary wheel-thrower and instructor. With a degree in Studio Art focusing on ceramics, Adam has been throwing pots for 16 years. He loves the opportunity share his passion for clay, and is enjoying all aspects of teaching in the studio.



Beth is the Clayworks’ hand-builder, underglaze guru, and cat-wrangler. She holds a Studio Art degree, with a focus in sculpture, and has been working in variety of media for 14 years. She believes in the power of art and loves demonstrating the problem solving aspects of ceramics.



Reese maintains a supervisory role at the Clayworks. She can occasionally be found napping in plants and putting single paw prints into freshly rolled slabs.